Saba has over 23 years experience as a successful artist, gallerist and painting teacher to adults and children, based in Switzerland where she sells her own art and represents other artists. Turkish-born Saba currently spends her time between Bali, Switzerland and Turkey.

Saba's own work is an unmistakable style, which has gradually evolved from naturalistic contents to abstractions. Saba intentionally avoids absolute perfection and ultimate attention to detail. Through skillful color choice, mixed media and deliberately exposed content, she expresses her mood, joy and experiences which shine through her paint brush to the canvas.



Paint Your Soul, is a multi-sensory approach to self-awareness. Combining yoga, meditation, music, sound healing essential oils, whilst journaling through painting, giving you the benefit of an unprecedented insight into your life. We aim to help you better understand and interpret your current reflection of the outside world. With creative mediums your soul can explore & discover what causes stress and anxiety, what is blocking your potential and preventing you from recognizing those peaceful and happy moments as they take place.



"My husband Jesse and I have been travelling to Bali since 2007. One of the first things we noticed was the magnetic friendliness of the local children. Despite having very little, they run around finding fun with their beautiful big smiles. Unfortunately many families can't afford to pay for their child's education.

Without an education, these children are at a huge disadvantage, and are ultimately lucky to find even low paying work."

"Having been so fortunate living in Bali over the years, we wanted to raise awareness about this issue and raise money to fund education for as many underprivileged kids in Bali as possible. So we started Saba's kids.

5% of our retreat fees are donated to Saba's Kids."



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